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Here at Wicked Workshops we pride ourselves on delivering the most entertaining, educational and engaging workshops for KS1 & KS2 students possible!

We have performed our workshops in schools, museums, castles, and libraries all over the country.

Written by qualified teachers and educators and enhanced by professional performers and script writers, the workshops that we present combine interactive activities and educational content with a drama and performance focus, in order to create a fun and unforgettable experience for both participants and educators alike.


Meet the Pharaoh


Bow down as you welcome one of the greatest rulers of ancient Egypt into your school.

The great Pharaoh will take you on a journey through the myths and culture of this ancient civilisation. You'll learn how to build a pyramid ; avoid Grave robbers traps ; how to mummify your buddies and you'll take the final trip through the afterlife to see if your heart weighs up against the feather of truth.

Using Artefacts and imagination the Pharaoh and practitioner will bring Ancient Egypt to life with the help of your students.


Time travel to the Stone Age

Caveman 2

Travel back in time with our two exciting explorers as they take you on an adventure to the stone age!

You'll cover everything from evolution to extinction as we take you on a whistle stop tour of the first couple of million years of homo sapiens history.

Your students will interact with genuine stone age fossils and tools as they learn how to survive the stone age, cook like a caveman, meet with the megafauna and why a mammoth was so important to Britain being the country it is today.


How to be a Hero

Argonaut no mag

Welcome to Ancient Greece. The land of myths and legends!

Join either Hermes (The Messenger God) or Athena (The Goddess of Wisdom) teamed with our fantastic Wicked Workshop Practitioner to learn all about Ancient Greece.

In a quest to become an Ancient Greek Hero, your class will learn about the different city
states, the ruling class and their beliefs. Our drama and performance games will bring to life monsters from the famous myths and legends… Are your students strong enough to defeat
them and reign supreme?


The Great Viking Invasion

Viking no horns (1)

Join Forces Fridlief Ragnarsson, son of the legendary Viking warrior, Ragnar Lodbrok as you prepare to invade Saxon England.

You'll need to build your longboat are learn how to navigate to get to England's shores.
We'll teach how to wield a sword, form a shield wall and yell like a berserker.
You'll also learn all about the legend of Ragnorak. Are You prepared for the doom of the gods?

Using Artefacts and Imagination your students will learn to become the greatest fighting Viking force the world has seen!

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