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Ancient Greece: How to be a Hero

You can now choose for your students to be trained as heroes by either a Hermes the messenger god or Athena the goddess of wisdom.

Allow Hermes the Messenger God or Athena the Goddess of Wisdom, to train your students to be heroes and heroines of Ancient Greece. Your selected Greek God will use their expertise, with the help from one of our enthusiastic Wicked Workshop practitioners, to lead your young Spartans through a series of entertaining and enjoyable activities to help them defeat a plethora of mythical creatures and monsters to protect the people of their city state!

With the help of the Practitioner your class will compare and contrast the differences between two of the most revered City States of Ancient Greece and explore exactly how this incredible ancient civilisation helped to develop the society we have today!

Now, all good Heroes of Ancient Greece need to be able to defeat the dreaded monsters that plague the land… But what do these creatures look like? What do they eat? Where are their weak points? The students will uncover this information through a series of interactive activities and games, providing them with the opportunity to take on the physicality and characteristics of such creatures as the Minotaur, Sphinx and Medusa, as well as discover exactly how to defeat them.
These segments contain drama and performance elements alongside historical and mythological information to further the knowledge of the students and provide them with an engaging experience. Our sessions are designed to be inclusive for all students.

Through our fun and all-inclusive theatre game we will challenge your students to pass one of Heracles' 12 labours! We bring to life an element of Heracles’ story before their very eyes in order to surround them in the magical world of myths!

But what is a Hero without their armour? Your students will be taught how to wield a Xiphos sword correctly, how to use a Hoplon shield not only for defence but also to attack and through holding the artefacts imagine just what it would be like to carry them onto the battle field!

Can your students use there Athenian democratic skills and philosophical thinking to answer a series of debate style questions about all things Ancient Greece in our Final Challenge round? Put your Students to the test!

Our drama and performance workshops are an engaging inclusive experience for all!

'The best history workshop we have ever had visit our school. Lovely to see the children having such fun! 10 out of 10 for the practitioners for their enthusiasm in delivery.'

New Brighton Primary School


'Excellent subject knowledge, all the children's questions were answered however random! The children really enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot.'

Fiddlers Lane Primary School

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