Pirate Sword Fight

Pirate Adventure

Your students will have the opportunity to go on the voyage of a lifetime with Charles Vane when they sign up to be part of his Pirate crew. Vane will need to ensure they are ready for the pirate life before they set sail from Nassau, as once they leave dry dock there is no turning back!

The students will discover the divide between Pirate truth and Myth and the answers to some surprising questions. Why was pirate bed time 8pm? Why did the Captain get an equal share of plunder to the cabin boy? And why exactly did Captain Blackbeard set fire to his beard? They will discover this information and more through being able to question Vane and discover first hand the pirate life whilst developing their soft skills.

They will then be able to construct the perfect Pirate Ship, taking into account all the features that it will need to survive in the Caribbean. Vane will provide them with the opportunity to construct the ship using only their bodies. This segment of the workshop combines historical knowledge with drama and performance.

Despite the idea being widely accepted in books and films, most pirates didn't bury their treasure! There was only one who did, William Kidd, and he certainly didn't draw a map to find it. Instead he had to remember every detail of its location in order for him to be able to retrieve it in the future. Your students will have the chance see if their memory is as good as William. They will be tasked with constructing features of the island using only their bodies, will one of them be able to remember every detail of the island and retrieve their hard earned gold? We hope so, otherwise Vane will make them walk the plank (in fact, that didn't actually happen either...).

Your students will learn to identify a variety of flags, will they be able to tell the difference between the flag atop a ship belonging to the Pirate Benjamin Hornigold to that of the flag belonging to a Spanish Man-O-War? Let's hope they can so they can be triumphant in our Friend or Foe interactive activity.

Finally the students will have their Pirate knowledge tested in our A,B,C Quiz Show Game. Will they be able to uncover the correct answer and prove it to their crew mates? Combining werid facts and fun this game will alter their perception of what life was like as a Pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy.

Key Areas

Our Pirate Adventure workshop covers the following Key Areas;

  • Life as a Golden Age Pirate
  • Famous Pirates
  • How to be a succesful Pirate
  • How to choose a suitable Pirate Ship
Pirate Shout

'A fantastic workshop - the children loved the fact that someone was in the role of a pirate! The interaction between the pirate and the practitioner was hilarious!
An interactive, fun, yet informative workshop. Thank you!'

Vernon Primary School


'Children and adults have enjoyed the workshop. It has been great as a WOW! day to start pirate topic. Thank you.'

Scout Road Academy

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