Time Travel to the Stone Age

We're on a Time Trip to the Stone Age, so why don't your students join us and discover what life was really like trying to survive and thrive in the land that time forgot! Our epic explorers have invented a time machine and traveled to the Stone Age and now they are eager to share their findings in this interactive workshop.

So how long ago was the Stone Age? How long have we known about Fire? When did we first start to cook? Did man always wear clothes? We will let your students discover all that and more in the creation of our giant interactive time travel line. Filled with facts and fun this timeline will allow the students to utilise their drama and performance skills along with furthering their historical knowledge as we travel back in time millions of years.

Your students will then get the chance to meet their ancestors... and even become them! Learning all about the skills of Homo Habilis, Erectus and Sapien. What were their differences and how did they evolve and what is Australopithecus and can you even pronounce it? (It's a Southern Ape by the way - one of man's earliest ancestors)

Why was the Stone Age called the Stone Age? (because of the Stone Tools of course) our adventurers have brought a genuine pot boiler stone from the neolithic period for your students to examine and they'll show you how it worked and give you the chance to try boiling water the cave man way (It's not as easy as it looks)

What did Stone Age people eat though? As well as plants and vegetation, they were also meat eating hunters and their weapons were made out of... you guessed it! Stone! Examine replica Stone Age blades and then discover the animals that our ancestors hunted. How big was a Woolly Mammoth? What other uses were there for a Glyptodon after it was dead? Why you didn't need to be that scared of a Cave Bear and just how terrifyingly toothy was a Sabre Toothed Tiger? Through Interactive games - the practitioners will demonstrate just how large these megafauna were and why they're not still walking the planet today! They've also brought some fossils with them for a game of 'The whole Tooth and nothing but the tooth.'

Can you guess which tooth fossil belongs to which mammal? We have a genuine Mammoth tooth fossil and Cave Bear tooth and replicas of a Sabre Tooth Tiger Skull and Mastadon tooth for your students to interact with.

We'll discover all about our true ancestors. How did Stone Age Britain come to be an island? Why do we have a mammoth to thank for being at school today and was it the melting of ice or something else that turned Britain into an Island. Your students will be able to help us tell this interactive tale that brings to life the story of Stone Age Britain.

Your students will be able to question the adventurers about their Stone Age discoveries, absolutely any question can be asked and our prehistoric experts will be able to answer it.

Finally, our explorers will put the students to the test with some tricksy questions. Will they be able to uncover the bizarre historical facts hidden within the weird historical fiction?

Once the workshop is done it will be time to travel back to school but what an adventure we will have had!

Artifacts & Replica Artifacts used

Genuine Neolithic Potboiler Stone, Genuine Mammoth Tooth Fossil, Genuine Cave Bear Tooth, Replica Mastodon Tooth, Replica Sabre Tooth Tiger Skull, Replica Flint Arrow Heads.

Key Areas

Stone Age Timeline
Hunting and Surviving in the Stone Age
Animals of the stone age and how they became extinct
Evolution and our ancestors
Stone Age Britain. When did people first come to Britain and how did Britain become an Island.

Links to the Curriculum

Know and understand the history of these islands as a coherent, chronological narrative.
Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
Late Neolithic hunter-gatherers and early farmers
Understand historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance.
A study of an aspect in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066

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'We decided to book Wicked Workshops again because they are fantastic!
The Stone Age workshop was jam packed with learning and the children were hooked and engaged from the very start!
Thank you from class 2!'

Water Primary

Stone Age

'Excellent Fun and Educational content. The children really enjoyed the visit.'

Field Lane Primary

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